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©The Life You Love Photography

Oh, hello! I'm Lindsey. It's nice to meet you.


I love telling stories with my images and making memories through my camera. I’m generally a quiet soul and love listening and observing, which I think are traits that help me in my job to tell stories in an easy, natural way. I grew up in New Orleans, Houston, and London where I learned to love travel, adventure, and art from a young age. So much so, that I found a way to turn my loves into an incredibly wonderful and fulfilling career. I have a BFA in photography and have been shooting weddings in the Austin area for over 10 years.

My style is about telling your story by celebrating the spirit of your love through visualizing unique compositions, capturing intimate, honest portraits and making the natural light come alive through an image. I love vivid colors, dramatic black and whites, and beautiful light.

When I’m not shooting, I’m probably trying to teach myself how to dance by watching slow motion YouTube videos of Beyonce, or doing something creative with my hands. I love cooking, knitting, and crafting/making pretty things.

I’m continually so thankful to be part of so many happy life moments and to be trusted with the stories I get to tell. I believe in treating every person I encounter with the same level of respect, courtesy, and kindness just as I would with my own close friends or family.


Emily’s maid of honor to-be passed away before her wedding. She made sure to find a special way for her dear friend to be by her side throughout the day by wrapping her necklace around her bouquet. You spend months and sometimes years thinking and planning for all the details on your wedding day, anxiously hoping your vision comes to life. Summery flowers photographed in pretty light is almost always going to be easy on the eyes, but its always the thoughtful attention in the small details that tug on those heartstrings and tell stories. Its what makes me love my job the most.


I love those simple quiet moments that happen in between all of the happy chaos and big feelings on a wedding day. That pause and deep breath right before walking down the aisle...ohhh, yes.


Seconds before the curtain came down and Kyle & Madhavi saw each other for the first time. Kyle’s face is pure excitement and it fills my heart all the way up. I love that in real time, they were both living in their separate moments of anticipation, and I can tell both their stories through one image.


You can pose a bride and groom - ask them to connect, to look at each other, and bring their bodies close…but you can’t ask for those goosebumps when your couple connects. Those things happen on their own and man, I love being able to document it.


When I asked Veronica and Jonathan what their favorite things about each other were, they both separately said their smile + their devotion to their relationship. Veronica is patient and has a nurturing heart. Jonathan is motivated with a great sense of humor. When you put all those qualities together, of course you end up with something really special. As they walked back down the aisle after their ceremony with those huge happy smiles, it felt like all the puzzle pieces were finally in place...and it shows.