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A Hill Country Wedding in Fredericksberg, Texas

May 9, 2013 , Texas + Local Wedding

When I think about Katy and Geoff, the first thought that goes through my brain goes something like this, “THESE PEOPLE ARE THE CAT’S PAJAMAS. HOW DO I BEFRIEND THEM?” The second thing that comes to mind is breakfast for dinner, because that’s what they served at their wedding. It was the best, but that’s a topic for another post.

Moving on. Katy and Geoff.

I’ll start this by saying I’m more of a quiet observer and an emotional person. I think that’s what helps me be good at my job. I like to take things in. I like to tell stories. I like to take pictures. Doing all three is hard, and doing them well is even more difficult. Katy and Geoff made that part of my job feel almost effortless. Maybe even obvious. Not because they were easy on the eyes to begin with, but because they have been nothing but warm, inviting, and kind since I met them. They invited us in to their lives and let us be part of their wedding in such an open way. I watched Geoff stand speechless with his mouth open as he saw Katy for the first time. I watched Katy’s dad cry sentimental tears during a prayer right before their ceremony. I got to listen to their guests talk from their seats about how pretty Katy looked and everyone adored the smile that never left her face. For the rest of the day we got to be part of all the excitement, happiness, and celebration that surrounded them. It was wonderful.

Telling their story was awesome. I’m so happy to share these.

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