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A Downtown LA wedding at Hudson Loft in Los Angeles, California

January 7, 2016 , Travel + Destination Wedding

It wasn’t their rollerblading usher, their fancy tuxedo wearing dog, their special unity peanut butter and jelly sandwich that was shared at the end of their wedding ceremony, or the fact that they projected romantic comedies all night on a blank wall of their reception that made us fall in love with Sneha and Chris. It was their bigger story – one that we feel so lucky and excited to share. Sometimes it seems like no amount of words or pictures will do a couple’s story justice. We left California the day after this wedding feeling moved to our core and incredibly humbled. Where do we even begin with these two?

Sneha and Chris share a passion for storytelling – it’s what ultimately brought them together and sparked their romance. The couple met in grad school at USC and are both writers. Sneha writes for TV and Chris writes movies. They’re both warm, sincere, considerate, and funny. Intimidating, right? And together, they are the sweetest.

Sneha and Chris invited us, and more importantly, welcomed us, in to their lives in Los Angeles to document their beautiful wedding weekend. The couple hosted a dinner in their gorgeous downtown loft the evening before their wedding and that is where we first met most of the important players: Sneha and Chris, their closest friends and families, and their pup, Gob the boxer. After everyone settled from dinner, Sneha’s brother stood up, toasted the couple, and I’m pretty sure that’s when we officially fell in love with them and their story.

Sneha and her family were refugees from the Gulf War of 1990. When Saddam Hussein invaded Kuwait, her family was forced out. As we listened to her brother give such a warm, emotional, and intimate speech about what their family had been through as refugees and saw all of the watery eyes (ours included), we knew that we were around special people.

It wasn’t until the next day that we learned Chris was previously in the army, and his military unit was responsible for capturing Saddam Hussein in Iraq. In Sneha’s own words, Saddam Hussein was her big bad wolf growing up, so when she discovered Chris’s military background, he quickly became her hero.

Could you write a better love story than that?

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